Emergency Requests

We know that emergencies are stressful and require immediate action. That's why we made it quick  for your owners and residents to alert you of an emergency without having to log in.

On any page of our website you will see a red "Emergency" button, click on that button to see the screen below. 

Once a resident has filled in their details, an alert will be sent to their property manager. 

Important Note: Resident's must maintain an updated phone number on their account for an emergency to recognize their property and unit. 

Residents can also send emergency requests while logged in. Hover over the "Requests" tab and click on "Open Requests" from the drop-down menu. 

Click on the blue "Create A New Request" button on the right. 

Check the box that asks, "Is this an Emergency?" and fill in the details. 

By checking that box, it marks this request as a high priority to your property manager. 

We recommend bookmarking this page to make it as easy as possible. atassist.com/emergency