What features does Kiku offer?

Kiku offers more features than your average time off management solution. 

  1. If you are a TEAM MEMBER, you can:
  • Request time off
  • Access an overview of past and present time off
  • View information about your team time off
  • See your team schedule
  • Use basic and advanced filters to sort time off 
  • Receive notifications when your requests are approved/declined

  1. If you’re an HR MANAGER or ADMIN, Kiku has a bunch of great features that are helpful for your day-to-day work and simplify your working routine, including:
  • Approve, decline, or discuss all time off requests
  • Access team time off requests overview
  • Use basic and advanced filters to sort time off requests
  • Create and manage teams
  • Create and manage team tags
  • View/edit user information, create custom holidays
  • Make company announcements.
  • Make birthday announcements
  • Set working hours for each team member
  • Set break times and timezones for team members