What can HR managers see and do?

Kiku allows you to group people in a way that makes sense for your business. For example by teams. Admins (HR managers) can create a team in the Kiku app.

In the Admin View mode on the Kiku Home page the manager can click on the “Actions”

button and choose from the dropdown menu “Manage teams” option, on the Home page he will be able to see Kiku Teams information, and by clicking the button “Create Team”, he will be able to create a team by following the next steps:

1. In the opened “Create Team” modal window choose the Team Name

2. Add Team Tag

3. Select Team Managers (optional)

4. Select Team Leads (optional)

5. Assign Team Members

6. Click the “Create” button and the team will be created in the Kiku workspace under the Kiku Teams.