As a team member, do I select Paid or Unpaid Time off when making a time off request?

When making a time off request as a team member, it is important to select the appropriate option based on your specific situation. Here's some guidance to help you determine which selection to make:

  • Paid time off (PTO): If you have available PTO hours and you want to use them for your time off, select this option. Your manager sets the PTO hours for each team member, and the number of remaining hours can be found at the top of your Kiku home page. Keep in mind that once you have exhausted all your allotted PTO hours, you will be unable to send further requests for PTO.
  • Unpaid time off: If you have used up all your available PTO hours and still need to take time off, select the Unpaid time off option. This means you won't receive payment for the hours you're taking off. Additionally, when choosing this option, you'll have the opportunity to write a note explaining the reason for your unpaid time off.

It's crucial to ensure that you select the appropriate option when submitting your time off request. For example, if you plan to make up the hours you are requesting off, then the selection should be "Unpaid" time off. This helps maintain accurate records and ensures that the appropriate leave type is reflected in the system.