Sending Sugu Welcome Emails with Login Details

A welcome email is automatically sent to a resident, board member and/or contractor when you first add them to your @Assist account.

They’ll receive a friendly introduction to what @Assist is and how to get their account setup. It only takes a few seconds since they’re only responsible for logging in and making sure their contact details are updated.

How do I resend login details to a resident?

To resend the welcome email with login details, you must visit your contact’s information page.

Click on the "Properties" tab on the top menu.

Click on the resident's property.

Click on "View Units".

Click on the "Main Contact" in red text.

You will now be on the page "Contact Information". Click on the blue "Resend Welcome" to “Resident Name” button.

You will see a message confirming your action of sending them a new password and email. Click the green "Send" button.