How to Add/Update your Unit Details in Sugu

Click on the "Properties" tab. 

Click on the name of the property which contains the unit you'd like to add/update more details too.

If you need to create a new unit, follow this help doc.

Next, click on the grey "View Units" button.

Click on the name of the unit you'd like to update/add more details to. 

You'll see your unit's current details and be able to edit them:

  1. To change the property name, property address, monthly fees and property notes: click on the grey "Update Information" button.
  2. To change the property size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, pets allowed and land titles address: click on the grey "Update Property Details" button.
  3. To change the legal or factor information: click on the grey "Update Legal/Factor Information" button.